“Raymond Cousté made an excellent case for a Dowland revival” (Bangkok Post).

The Renaissance virtuoso John Dowland (1563-1626) is universally recognized as England’s greatest composer for the lute. This recital by the leading French lutenist Raymond Cousté features Dowland’s most familiar and most important solo works, music displaying remarkable originality, sensitivity and range. In all, Dowland left us approximately 80 magnificent compositions in a variety of vocal and instrumental forms.

“Dowland is one of those unclassifiable musicians that we never tire of. Raymond Cousté is the ideal performer: he manages to convince us that there is no other way to play Dowland…” (Compact Disc Magazine, France).

This album was recorded in the 13th-century Sainte Chapelle of Paris. Its remarkable gothic interior and superb natural acoustics provide the perfect setting for concerts of medieval and renaissance music.